23rd North American Prairie Conference. 6-10 August, 2012.

From NAPC Website:

We are pleased to announce the first ever NAPC in western Canada, which will be held August 6 to 10, 2012 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Building upon the tradition started by Peter Schramm in 1970 with the first conference on prairies and prairie restoration, the NAPC has developed a tradition of excellence in native prairie research, conservation and restoration of one of the worlds most productive yet most endangered ecosystems. It has spawned great interest, enthusiasm and efforts to better understand, appreciate, manage and conserve this vital part of North America’s natural history.

Our theme Celebrating Our Prairie Heritage is meant to explore where we have been, our current state of knowledge and where we should be heading, and have a great time doing it. Many have been inspired by previous NAPC’s to discover more about our fascinating prairie ecosystems, their natural and human history, creating a lifetime passion for one of the world’s greatest grasslands.

We salute those who have made the prairie home, from the hunters and gatherers of distant millennia to the hardy pioneers who made this great land the worlds breadbasket, to the modern mix of individuals, families, businesses and communities who now look to understand, conserve, restore and celebrate one of the nature’s greatest gifts to humankind. Come celebrate the prairies with us in Winnipeg in August 2012, and take a closer look.

Location: University of Manitoba Campus, Winnipeg, MB.

Contatct: info@napc2012.org

For a more detailed description of the conference, as well as registration and schedule information, see the conference website at www.napc2012.org(link).