Step Forward & Plant Your Own Seeds – Newsletter Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for the 4th Edition of the Foothills Restoration Forum Newsletter, The Hard Grass Advocate.  Anyone with an interest in the land is welcome to submit.

The purpose of the Newsletter is to provide a readily accessible medium for information sharing, focused on the maintenance and restoration of native plant communities on the Eastern Slopes and would like you to share your research, experiences and lessons so we can all move forward together!

Let us know about ongoing projects and trials you may be involved with. Use the Newsletter to network with other stakeholders. Tell us about your failures as well as your success. The purpose is to foster continual improvement through knowledge and experience.

To submit, please provide a brief summary of the project in approximately 300 to 500 words along with a couple of photos, if available, to either Marilyn Neville at or Donna Watt at by February 20th, 2011.

You are welcome to conclude your submission with contact name(s), phone number(s), email address(es) and/or a website address to direct readers toward additional information. Pictures in electronic format are appreciated, but other arrangements can be made if you only have hard copies.

We sincerely appreciate all efforts made towards contributing — thank-you!