The Mixedgrass and Dry Mixedgrass Range Health Assessment Training session will take place in the area of Cypress Hills and Manyberries, Alberta on 17 September, 2015. The course will provide an understanding of the importance of healthy functioning rangelands and the key indicators used to measure rangeland health, and features a curriculum flexible to a variety of experience levels.  The Range Health Assessment protocol is an important tool for pre-site assessments, reclamation design and monitoring in native grassland. The course will be for the full day, and will appeal to reclamation practitioners, planners, ecologists, grassland ecologists and students.

Online registration is now finished. If you wish to attend but have not registered, please contact Donna Watt directly at If you have not yet paid, you can still pay online. You can also pay on the morning of the 17th with cash or a check made payable to SASCI.

Payment may be made cash or cheque (made out to SASCI). Online payment may be made using the paypal link below. If you choose to pay online, please be aware that you must also fill out the form below to complete registration. Payment must be made no later than the day of the training session. We will accept cash or cheque payments up to the morning of 17 September. If you intend to pay online, please pay prior to the 17th.

The price is $150.00 per attendee. Registration fees include course materials and a tailgate lunch.

For student rates or more information please contact Donna Watt directly at Online registration will be available until Tuesday, 15 September. If you wish to register after 15 September, please contact Donna Watt directly at

More information on the training sessions can be found here (word document).

A list of accomodations in the Elkwater area can be found here (pdf).

Number of Attendees